Congratulations TMT: back-to-back Bark Bowl Champs!

2015 Bark Bowl Champs:

2015 Bark Bowl Second: DA UNIT

2014 Bark Bowl Champs: TMT
2014 Bark Bowl second: 7 Pt Spread
2013 Bark Bowl Champs: "2013 Bark Bowl Champions Sponsored By Herbalife"
2013 Bark Bowl second: FIRM
2012 Bark Bowl Champs: 7 Pt Spread
2012 Bark Bowl second: Party Rock
2011 Bark Bowl Champs: FIRM
2011 Bark Bowl second: SOLDIER
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10/31/2013 11:29 AM (posted by: TOM)

Register now for the 2013 IFFL/FCPA Turkey Bowl to be held SUN Nov 30th! Awards for top teams. VFFA rules and FCFFL/IFFL officials.

08/13/2013 06:00 AM (posted by: TOM)

Congratulations to "2013 Bark Bowl Champions Sponsored By Herbalife" who lived up to their team name by winning the 2013 Bark Bowl. Not really a sleeper team since that group of players is also the current #3 in the State and #2 Nationally, but they finally brought their whole team up for the Bark Bowl.

08/14/2012 4:28 PM (posted by: Tom V)

Congratulations to 7 Pt Spread, the 2012 HSFC/IFFL Bark Bowl Champion! They won it from the loser bracket having to play 6 games on the day.

08/17/2011 2:41 PM (posted by: TomV)

Congratulations to FIRM, 2009 & 2011 Bark Bowl Champions. Great final four with VA Beach, Richmond, Harrisonburg and Fairfax all represented.

2010 Bark Bowl Champs: Triple Crown
2010 Bark Bowl second: FIRM
2009 Bark Bowl Champs: FIRM
2009 Bark Bowl second: Triple Crown
2010 Turkey Bowl Champs: TRIPLE CROWN
2009 Reston Cup Champs: LIONS